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How are you Adopting to these Emerging Instagram Trends?

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With each passing day it seems as if social media becomes a bigger part of our lives. As new platforms and applications are introduced, it only seems fitting that old ones die out. Look at Facebook’s declining traffic, for example. Yet one outlet seems to be defying these odds. Instagram.

Everyone’s favorite picture-sharing app is becoming the fastest growing platform out there, quickly approaching an important milestone. Surpassing one billion users. With so many people connected and interacting in one place, it’s no surprise experts identify Instagram as a key tool for businesses to utilize. In fact, Instagram announced that nearly 200 million users visit at least one business profile every day.

This rise of users has ultimately led to a surplus of new trends as well. So how do we keep up?

Hashtag with lights


This is a big one, which is why we list it as number one. In a study by Mention, media analysts found absolutely no correlation between the number of hashtags on a photo and the amount of likes it receives. This seems to contradict everything we’ve heard. In a 2016 study done by TrackMaven, they declared 11 hashtags as the optimal number of tags.


In Mention’s more recent 2018 study, experts found posts without a single hashtag outperformed those with hashtags. However, this is not to say hashtags can’t be helpful. Although #love, #instagood and #fashion are the most used, they don’t necessarily drive the most engagement. If you do decide to use hashtags, take into account their relevance. Find your niche.

Some hashtags that drive the most engagement include #ad, #comedy and #bts.


Speaking of engagement, this leads us into our next question: What sparks people’s interest? What makes them want to engage with your post?

Mention’s study tells us videos are the leader, driving double the amount of comments and giving them the highest overall engagement rate.

Instagram gives us 60 seconds to make an impact, which means when someone watches a video, more opportunities for engagements arise. People are no longer just scrolling past a photo and giving it an ol’ double-tap without giving a second glance. Instead, they are making a conscious effort to watch a video.


It’s the classic example of a linear relationship. When you tag someone in a post, they are more likely to engage with your content. They’ll see that little notification bell light up, feel the burning urge to get rid of it, click on it and Instagram will direct them to your post immediately. This also means the more users you tag in your post, the more likes you will receive.

How’s that for a confident boost?

But not only are you appealing to the accounts and users you tag directly, let’s not forget about their followers. Remember that “Photos of You” tab on everyone’s account? That can be considered gold, especially when an account as a large sum of followers. Every one of their followers has the opportunity to see your post and engage with it, too!

It all seems somewhat menial, but it’s important to keep these trends in mind as Instagram continues to rise.

Out with the hashtags and in with those videos and tags!


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