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Want to learn about marketing and advertising? Real experience and real relationships that is not getting coffee? 


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Professional Young Woman
Email Marketing Specialist
  • Take pride in writing attention-grabbing subject lines

  • Perfect your copywriting and test & track everything

  • Understand and fully own cross-domain tracking, cart abandonment, and customer journeys.

  • Have more than just an eye for design. You consume great content.

  • Master audience segmentation and tonality

  • find that Analytics and KPIs are your warm blanket.

  • Get excited about open and click rates.

  • Have mastered drip and automation across industry.

  • Are a data-driven decision-maker.

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Professional Man
Vice President (VP) of Strategic Brand Management

The VP of Strategic Brand Management will drive agency brand recognition across industry, boost revenue, and manage multiple internal, new business, and client projects.

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Professional Woman's Portrait
Social Media Manager

You have a deep understanding of all things social media—someone who can develop a highly effective social strategy, implement it, and then track its progress with meaningful data insights. Is social media your sandbox? Copy, creative, growth, and calls to action? Are you highly fluent in emerging social trends and best practices? Do you have certifications and experience to back it up? Do you know how to come up with big ideas—from brief to breakthrough and beyond?

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