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Case Study: Neuro

The objective of this strategic partnership was to drive sips to lips and create brand awareness. The challenge was our client was a relatively unknown beverage attempting to expand their reach and brand recognition in a very competitive landscape.

Our goal was to not only increase product consumption, drive awareness, and expose the festival attendees to the brand in an experiential environment but to gain valuable consumer feedback. We wanted to ensure each music festival attendee experienced dozens of different brand impressions per-hour and had multiple opportunities to taste the product in a fun/no pressure way.

The strategic partnership itself spanned 13 music festivals and opened with Rock-N-Roll Legends KISS. The music festivals featured Florida Georgia Line, Skrillex, Kid Rock, Paramore, Phillip Phillips, Train, Chris Stapleton, and many more incredible artists. Each music festival's attendees were slightly different demographics so each sponsorship activation needed to be unique. We worked the brand into deck activations during concerts, gym, sauna, yoga, basketball, island, on-boarding, and belly flop contest.

The sponsorship was a huge success. Over 6 months 8,000 cases of product (96,000 bottles) were consumed. Results

  • 13 Music Festivals

  • 96,000 bottles of product consumed

  • 79.94% of attendees had not heard of neuro before the sponsorship

  • 39.67% of attendees polled said they would definitely recommend neuro to a friend

  • 73.23% Positive Brand Feedback

  • 4,618,299 Measurable Impressions

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