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What is Grayscale Marketing's philosophy on how insights can help inform creative?

To us, the answer lies in understanding people first, then human nature, and specific engagement metrics. Better understanding where a customer’s tensions with a brand, category or product lie, what their motivators and triggers are, and what they care about enables and inspires our creative ideas.

By leveraging data we form people-centric hypothesis-driven insights to use as our creative muse.

It starts with generating hypotheses on an audience, using data to validate, nuance or disprove the hypothesis and finally, using the findings to reveal insights about the audience that drive further creative and ideation. This understanding enables us to develop and execute effective creative that will drive desired outcomes. This approach is nothing new or revolutionary, but integrating it within the traditional processes of data analysis and creative development is.

Embracing change and being agile allows us to better approach, analyze, and interpret large information sets to develop actionable people based insights that are relevant and that inform our creative decisions.


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