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What are Grayscale Marketing's in-house content development capabilities?

We are glad you ask!

Our in-house creative team has a diverse skill set that includes animation, video editing, graphic design, video production, drone capture, storyboarding, and media design including in home and out of home work like search, print, radio, and television. The content we create intentionally propels our targeted audiences to action, builds awareness, establishes tribes, and drives engagement and consumption.

Discovery > Research > Ideation > Strategy > Creative > Review > Approval > Metrics > Repeat

Creative Process POV: Times have changed. Gone are the days when an agency is staffed like an assembly line, with everyone turning their cog to make the wheel move. Agencies holding on to the structures, processes and titles of the past are killing their creative process. Today’s modern marketing dynamic demands lean, nimble teams with better creative output, and everyone, from the top down, pitching in.

We break our creative process into big ideas and agility. The big ideas are insight-led, creative-driven thoughts contrasted against our clients goals that extend across any channel or medium, and are developed around consumer’s truth. Our big ideas enable us to remain consistent with our long term goals and create a light at the end of the sometimes endless tunnel of campaigns. Then our agile process allows us to adapt and change messaging based on feedback, testing, and trends. After refining the idea in real time, we’re able to maximise test-and-learn cycles and responsiveness.

Contact us today to learn more about how our ideation and strategy can help you reach your goals and milestones.


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