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Music VR: What're The Possibilities?

music festivals and virtual reality

What if you could attend a live show from a different location? With a VR headset, you probably can.

London-based startup MelodyVR is setting to do just that. Over the course of two years the company recorded over 6000 hours of music, shooting in 360 degrees. Fans will have the opportunity to watch either a single song or 90 minute concerts with the platform.

With the live music and VR industries on the rise, the two put together might bring lucrative opportunities for brands to connect with consumers on a whole new level. Seems simple enough if you think about it. Just imagine watching a show with a VR headset and in front of your eyes perhaps an animation or even just a banner pans across the virtual sky.

Whatever comes of it, it’ll be interesting to watch this new platform unfurl into something that could perhaps be the next big thing in entertainment marketing.


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