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Matt Alese Promoted To Lead Project Manager At Grayscale Marketing

Matt Alese has risen to the position of Lead Project Manager at Grayscale Marketing. In his new role he will oversee day-to-day client needs across both the Brand and Entertainment divisions and will work with a team of 10 staff members. He will continue to report directly to the agency COO, Robert Hamm.

Matt Alese Grayscale Marketing

“I am so proud of what Matt has helped to build at Grayscale Marketing.” said CEO, Tim Gray. “We are excited for him to lead a larger team and continue developing as a leader. He has shown tremendous industry knowledge that our staff and clients benefit from on a daily basis”

Alese joined the agency in January 2017 as a Sponsorship Coordinator and has earned multiple promotions since. He played a key role in developing partnerships with the agency’s festival and brand clients including Hangout Music Festival, Jim Beam, and Virgin Hotels, then transitioned into the digital marketing and advertising development department working with venues, amphitheaters, PACs, and theatres in the North East as a Digital Coordinator. Most recently Alese was promoted to Lead Project Manager for the Arts and Entertainment Division in July of 2018, where he supervised a team of four and managed the agency’s artist, venue, and festival accounts.

“He has continually proven himself invaluable,” said Hamm. “The growth and expansion we have experienced in the last year would have been very difficult to navigate without a teammate like Matt to keep the client’s trains running on time.”

“It has been exciting to be a part of the team since day one and play a role in the tremendous growth we have experienced over the past two years.” said Alese. “Tim has provided us all with a thriving culture and empowered us to seize every opportunity in both our personal & professional lives that I don’t think we would get anywhere else.”

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