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How to utilize email to grow your audience.

Do you utilize email to grow your audience? If not, why? In this blog we discuss how, and to what degree of effectiveness you might expect.

If you want to grow a loyal audience, your content has to be about your audience, not you. This is absolutely crucial.

If you want people to trust you enough to purchase your products, listen to your music, attend your event, or download your book then you need to establish that relationship with content that is valuable, actionable and helps them achieve their goals.

If you can do this effectively then you can build an engaged community. Discover what your community wants and values and then create content that provides just that.

It can be “How To” articles, behind the scenes, interviews with other thought leaders, ebooks, provide them savings, listicles, and more. Your #1 focus needs to be providing excellent content that brings value to your audience and builds trust.

Our suggestions to artists and entrepreneurs is to approach email marketing with the right time mix. We suggest a 20% content creation and 80% content promotion recipe. You need to get your knowledge, music, product, and expertise in front of the people who need it.

Ok, now you have gained the trust and decent subscription to your newsletter.. Next you need to begin using that content across other platforms.

If you have an article that has really connected with your audience it is a good sign that it should resonate across social media, as long as your audiences match. We suggest creating several pieces of supportive content that aligns with most successful email marketing campaigns. For instance, if you provided a “How To”, or released a new song, or just announced a new event, etc. you could email your subscribers and invite to join a Facebook group where you can communicate to them directly, host videos, chats, and opportunities to connect with each other and continuing to build upon the trust you have already established.

Utilizing email to grow your audience or utilizing your social media audience to grow your email really boils down to the chicken or the egg argument. There isn't a bad place to begin, but if you do begin, stay consistent, remain committed, listen to your audience, provide value, protect that trust, reward their attention, and ensure you keep the end goal in mind.

If you are looking to grow your business, client base, revenue, or followers contact us today.


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