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How to build successful email campaigns.

What campaigns do we find to be most successful via email? Why?

We’ve tested thousands of campaign types over the years and what is most successful depends on the end goal a brand has for the campaign.

Our standpoint is that competition breeds quality. Brands and marketers from around the world were united under one umbrella during 2020, and had to think twice as hard on ways to remain effective inorder to maintain their client-base. This challenge to our field led to the creation of some genius campaigns.

However, for every genius campaign or strategy we find, there are consistent “traps” and concerns that must be addressed in the implementation of email marketing; one of these is “Over-Saturation”. The average businessperson receives roughly 126 emails per day, which for the average working professional, sounds manageable. But only until you match the figure with the fact the flow of emails is continuous… it never really stops. On the contrary, if email marketing continues to develop at the rate that it’s currently developing, we can expect inboxes to be even more flooded with emails.

This is where understanding your customer/target audience once again becomes essential.

If you want your campaigns to be successful, brands need to understand that people don’t have the time to read through stuff concisely. Instead, they skim through their inbox only paying attention to emails that catch their eye. Regardless of the type of campaign you plan to launch, genius can show up in a lot of ways that catch customers' eyes. It’s about letting great content lead and saying more..with less. I’d suggest following a few guidelines to help your campaigns have the best chance for success.

8 Tips Brands and Marketers Can Use to Increase Their Chances for Success:

  1. GREAT CONTENT IS KING:If your campaign isn't extravagant design-wise, if it lacks colour or isn't an intricate template, it has to compensate with content

  2. PERSONALIZE: Personalization & segmentation matters

  3. SUBJECT LINES: are definitely a tricky thing to get right. You need to achieve the perfect balance of cheeky and informational.

  4. MAKE IT RELEVANT: You need to match your subject line promise with an outstanding email body.

  5. STAY HONEST: Don’t forget new legislation that makes it mandatory to avoid being deceptive in subject lines when emailing subscribers.

  6. EMBRACE TESTING: Test visual cues that guide subscribers to the most critical parts of your message. Animated arrows leading to the ‘hottest’ offers and surprises within emails evoked curiosity in the email readers, nudging them to go through the whole copy.

  7. MAKE IT TEMPTING: Use limited-time exclusive offers. If your promise is tempting enough, you’ll immediately see an increase in user engagement.

MAKE IT SHAREABLE: Compose copy that makes the reader keep reading and, ideally, forward it to their colleagues and friends.

If you have questions about how to increase your chances contact us today!


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