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How Strong are your Social Media Strategies?

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There’s no question about it. Social media and the role it plays in building brand awareness is crucial. Nowadays you can’t grow your business without a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account, but simply having these accounts is not enough. It’s equally (if not more) important to maintain specific strategies for running your social media outlets.

So how do we create a strong presence on social media?

Target your Audience.

Despite what we’re often told, numbers aren’t always everything. Having a lot of followers can look beneficial, but is it really? Not necessarily. Instead of attracting ghost followers, or those who don’t engage with your content, it’s important to attract those with a legitimate interest in your brand and content. Although you may only have a couple hundred followers, they’re likely to be more engaged, and that’s way more effective than thousands of followers who ignore your content.

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Create Engagement.

Your brand can’t exist on social media if people don’t interact with your posts, so this element is especially important. After all, one of your primary goals should be to draw people in.

It’s easy to catch someone’s eye with a relatable gif or flashy video, but what does that say about who your brand is? Although these elements can be fun and entertaining, they don’t accurately explain your brand’s identity. Instead, focus on content that attracts followers naturally while also explaining what your brand provides.

Website Traffic.

Another important characteristic of a successful social media strategy is drawing audience members to your brand’s website. How are you going to bring Twitter or Instagram followers over to your site? It seems self explanatory, but your website should be the place where your brand’s vision and identity is the most well-defined and fine-tuned. This makes it all that more essential for your brand to attract new audience members while also maintaining older ones.

Redirect your Audience’s Attention.

It’s no secret. People get easily distracted; therefore, it’s important to develop a strategy when this happens. Pay special attention to audience members who make intentional, meaningful interactions with your content. Chances are they are going to get distracted as well, so how are you going to draw them back in?

It may seem impossible to do, but one of the major benefits of social media is that it’s always changing, which means new tools are constantly being developed. It’s all about trial and error. What tactics work? What strategies are not as successful? What keeps people engaged?

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By better developing your community, increasing engagement, generating website traffic and refocusing the attention of your audience, your social media presence will be stronger in no time. Giving your brand this stronger sense of direction will help you create consistent content efficiently, while also allowing your brand to come up with bigger and better ideas.


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