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How is Facebook Augmenting our Reality?

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The concept of digital advertising is not new. In fact, research tells us we are exposed to anywhere from 4,000 to 10,000 ads every day. With this rising popularity of digital advertisements, brands are testing new techniques to spice things up. In fact, Facebook recently launched augmented reality commerce ads to give users a more engaging and interactive experience.

High-end fashion company, Michael Kors, was the first to utilize Facebook's new ad feature. Similar to a Snapchat lens, users could digitally try on various pairs of sunglasses. They then had the ability to share their experience with others when they posted a picture of them sporting their new look.

Sephora was next to test this function, allowing users to digitally test different shades of lipstick. After finding the perfect color, individuals could share a picture on their Facebook story. Each photo contained a sticker with a direct link to Sephora’s website, navigating viewers to a specific product page.

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Although Michael Kors and Sephora found significant success using Facebook’s new function, experts warn companies to keep brand awareness in mind. Depending on your organization and ambitions, each ad is going to possess a different goal. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the innovation process, ensuring it is both smooth and user-friendly.

While testing this new form of augmented reality advertising, Facebook announced even more ideas they plan to roll out very soon.

1. Instagram Story Shopping

Already releasing a beta for this feature in early June, Facebook hopes to release a full-fledged version in time for the holiday season. For any brand who has their “shopping" feature turned on, users will be able to purchase products directly from an Instagram story.

2. Collection Advertisements

Similarly, this type of ad is for users who find products while scrolling through their Instagram feed. Not only will this allow individuals to browse other products by the brand, but they are able to purchase products without ever leaving the Instagram app.

3. Video Creation Kit

This feature allows anyone to create an advertisement with a series of photos. Although it is still being tested, Facebook plans to make this function available to all advertisers in August.

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With the rise of mobile shopping, it is no surprise brands and social media platforms are finding new ways to keep users engaged. This new form of advertising allows for an interactive experience, allowing you to express your brand’s message in a creative way that users actually pay attention to.


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