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How has Grayscale Marketing demonstrated social media innovation in our previous work?

To us, innovation is any new process activated in the marketplace that is more effective than the original, and as a consequence produces higher profits and growth for our clients.

We’ve found that it’s rarely the trailblazer that leads innovation across platforms, but rather the pathfinder who seeks out new ways to effectively solve problems that truly gains an edge, and provides something extra, something out of the ordinary.

The edge we provide our customers is a process we call IMPACT. It’s an Integrated Marketing Process for Advanced Consumer Targeting. Simply put, it is an intentional communication process that combines specific content, copy, and calls to action over 90 -120 days that encourages more engagement, rewards attention, impacts algorithms, and trains an online fan base. We draw the consumer in, build a better connection, and penetrate markets faster thus delivering real impact to our clients.

The vast majority of brands, artists, events, organizations, and businesses are so busy talking “at”, that they never speak “with” their customers. They do not take the time to build real relationships and therefore forfeit establishing the social part of social media. Yes, the word engagement gets tossed around and even measured, but we very rarely ever see it done in a way that delivers meaningful connection and movement.

At the end of the control period, our innovative process delivers massive shifts in engagement for our clients across, industry and business sectors. Why? People are people, and all humans follow similar thinking patterns that affect their decision-making. By combining the psychology of human nature, sociology of consumer behavior, advanced analytics and data along with cutting edge technology allows us to help our clients connect, resonate, and spread like wildfire.

Innovative? Maybe. Extraordinary pathfinders? Definitely.


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