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Grayscale Marketing Ups Jason Zinser To VP, Communication

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Nashville-based event marketing and communication services company, Grayscale Marketing, has elevated Jason Zinser to Vice President of Communication. He rises from his former position of Director of Communications & Marketing.

Zinser joined the Grayscale team in June of 2021 and has worked directly with 28 clients, helping drive over 300,000 event ticket sales representing Cheyenne Frontier Days, Nebraska State Fair, Twin Cities Music Fest and more.

“Jason, in the role as Director of Communications, consistently demonstrated exceptional leadership, strategic thinking, kindness and creativity. He’s an undeniable expert in his field,” shares CEO of Grayscale Marketing, Tim Gray. “Since hired he has successfully executed numerous high-impact internal and external campaigns that have resulted in significant growth for the firm. Jason is a team player and always goes above and beyond to ensure the success of the company. I am confident that he will excel in his new role of VP.”

“I am truly proud to be continuing my work with and in service of the fantastic team at Grayscale Marketing,” Zinser adds. “[This] is a special place made that way by very special people. I am greatly looking forward to serving under and alongside GEM’s leadership and partnering with wonderful clients nation-wide, to help ensure Grayscale and her partners shine with heightened distinction as leaders in the marketing space.”

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