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Grayscale Marketing's experience in live event coverage?

(i.e. red carpet events/premieres, festivals, industry events, etc)

We have extensive experience in live event coverage including red carpet events, festivals, industry events, and more.

We have represented industry events including record label award show afterparties for Warner and Sony Music Nashville, PRO Award shows including BMI and SESAC, annual conventions and award ceremonies for IEBA (International Entertainment Buyers Association), groundbreaking and grand opening events for Virgin Hotels working with Richard Branson, artists release parties and private showcases, backstage at the CMA Awards, and front and center on the red carpet at the Americana Music Awards.

We have activated live events, concerts, venues, conferences, and music festivals all over the country capturing a variety of content styles including mobile first stories and photography. We edit in real time graphics, blogs, interviews, and promo reels. We’ve even hosted a podcast for our client Story Gathering, an annual creative storytelling conference in Nashville, TN, where we interviewed their guest speakers, captured the content, and shared it out in real time.

Depending on the event and our role we’ve staffed the entire creative, photography, production and social teams to capture content in meaningful ways that can be used as evergreen content or posted in real time. We’ve gone live during an event for a first person experience, we’ve edited overnight to share promo videos next day as well as written questions out, found influencers and guest hosts, and activated brand partnerships at award shows, after parties, and music festivals.


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