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Grayscale Marketing CEO Tim Gray Launches New Video Series

"The Golden Rules" Episode 1 - March 1st.

Tim Gray, Grayscale Marketing CEO, has launched a new leadership web series and audio experience, The Golden Rules. The series will feature interviews with music industry veterans, entrepreneurs, authors, philanthropists, and brand marketing executives.

“The heart of the show is focused on the golden rules of life and business,” said Gray. “We discuss leadership lessons learned over decades as well as the values that guide decisions, lives and careers. The goal is to debunk the notion that there is a secret to success. Gray added, “the first dozen guest’s opinion are the same, the secret is, there is no secret. According to them it is having a mindset of mastery, making quality time, being consumed with the details, loving what you do, showing up, and giving more than you take, to name a few.”

The first round of guests includes a diverse array of Nashville’s power players and award-winning entrepreneurs, including Justin Levenson, Brad Belanger, Peter Hartung, Rusty Gaston, Joe Atamian, Al McManus, John Ozier, Derek Crownover, John Folk , Dirk Hemsath, Michelle Tigard Kammerer, Mike Molinar and Pam Matthews.

The series launched its first episode on March 1, featuring THiS Music Publishing’s GM/Partner, Rusty Gaston. The show will be split into three segments over 2018, each centered around separate business backgrounds.

The series can be viewed or steamed online at

Featuring Interviews With: Nashvilles TOP

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You can read the full MusicRow Magazine Article Here:


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