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Grayscale Launches Underground Cocktail Bar, Rambler

Grayscale Marketing has help to launch a new property Rambler. Rambler is the newest project for Nashville-based hospitality group A.Ray Hospitality, of local restaurants M.L.Rose Craft Beer & Burgers, The Sutler, Melrose Billiard Parlor, and Von Elrod’s Beer Garden & Sausage House.

Rambler, The Sutler, and Melrose Billiard Parlor are owned by A.Ray Hospitality and Joe Parkes, Jr., David Parkes, and Gary Parkes of The Parkes Companies. The “cellar,” which was never officially named, had previously served as a speakeasy bar and private event space since The Sutler opened in September 2014.

Grayscale Marketing has created all the custom content, video, images and digital marketing for the cocktail bar.

Rambler Cocktail Bar Nashville, TN


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