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Case Study: Matt Stillwell

The objective of the digital marketing campaign was to drive video views and create brand awareness. Yet a challenged remained. Our client was a relatively unknown musical act attempting to expand his reach and recognition in a very competitive country music landscape with limited budget.

Our goal was to not only gain video views, drive awareness and gain a higher overall engagement rate but to start a conversation with his current fanbase while setting a level of engagement expectation for any new fans he gained over the course of the campaign.

We hyper focused communication on the individuals engaging with the ad. Facebook was a key component in this marketing campaign and allowed to us to maintain communication on an ongoing basis with fans that were engaging with the ad. This was very effective in driving engagement and shares as it portrayed the brand/artist as very personable, open and responsive.

The campaign itself opened a dialogue between the users and the business that has directly impacted not only the bottle line but also the future of the business. Hundreds of thousands of users that viewed the video were moved to tears, shared their family story's, emailed the business, download the song, signed up for newsletters, commented, liked and shared.

The campaign was and is a huge success. In eight months the video reached 19,000,000 views, 1,000,000 likes, comments & shares and gained 65,000 page likes, placing the business at 115,000 total page likes. This growth opened up opportunities for future brand partnerships and tour sponsorships.


  • In total, the campaign received over 32,000,000 impressions and 109% Page Growth

  • 1st month fan engagement increased 1,495.86%

  • 1st month daily page impression increase of 1,055.2%

  • 2nd month fan engagement increased 5,499.05%

  • CPI (Cost Per Impression) over the campaign equaled $00.00011402

  • 280.52% ROI

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