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7 Ways to Stay Up to Date on Facebook Ads

With the holiday season approaching, and therefore the new year, it’s a good time to be aware of updates in the world of social media ads and start thinking ahead to updated advertising strategies.

Facebook is constantly shaking things up to keep users interested and engaged, which makes ads more effective. Keep an eye out for these seven updates and innovations on Facebook ads to stay ahead of the curve in your marketing.

Facebook rules

1. Augmented Reality Ads

Consumers will be able to virtually try on products with Augmented Reality Ads, utilizing a snapchat-filter style video feature. A Facebook user can see a product on a model, access the Facebook camera through the add, and see how the product would look before making a purchase. This makes the online shopping experience more fun and interactive for the consumer and therefore bodes well for the brand.

2. Story Ads

Businesses can place full-screen ads in their Facebook stories, which creates easy opportunities for users to see a product while clicking through stories. Users can also easily access the product by following a link in the story ad.

3. Playable Ads

While Augmented Reality Ads provide an interactive experience for product consumers, Playable Ads create a similar opportunity for game app consumers. Playable Ads allow users to sample a game before installing it. It’s a practical and fun way for users to “shop” for games while scrolling through Instagram.

4. Video Metrics

Recent updates on video ad metrics give advertisers better insights on video ad engagement. By better understanding consumer behaviors, advertisers can tailor ads to what will most effectively reach their audience.

5. Self-Serve Brand Lift

There are now self-serve options for businesses to test and learn how their brands are perceived based on their Facebook Ad campaigns. An accurate understanding of brand perception gives crucial insight into the business-consumer relationship that ads cultivate.

6. Video Creation Kit

Facebook’s new Video Creation Kit allows brands to turn pictures into mobile-optimized videos. To keep it simple, the kit also provides template options and easy ways to add text to videos.

7. Value-Based Lookalike Audiences

The newest update on Lookalike Audiences matches businesses with an audience that is not only similar to their existing customers, but similar to the customers that are of highest value to the business. This adds quality to the quantity of people reached by ads, and connects brands with potential customers that are likely to add the most business.


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