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7 Quotes from the Music Industry’s Top Executives

Updated: Sep 26, 2018

With seven episodes of "The Golden Rules" under out belt, we've heard a plethora of advice from some of the most well-respected people in the music industry. With so many good ideas and pieces of advice, we compiled a list of our favorite golden rules from the experts we’ve heard from thus far.

1. “Action creates action.” - Rusty Gaston, Partner and General Manager of THiS Music Publishing

If you want something done, you have to start somewhere. Even if that means baby steps. Without these initial advances, ideas and thoughts are nothing. What steps are you actively taking today to achieve your goals?2. “Be the least smart person in the room.” - Justin Levenson, President of Lev's House Entertainment

Knowledge is what keeps life interesting, so why would you ever want to stop gaining it? It’s impossible to learn every possible thing, so keep an open mind, explore new ideas and ask questions.

Brad Belanger The Golden Rules

3. “Don’t become concerned with others opinions of your dream.” - Brad Belanger, Owner of Homestead Entertainment/Red Light Artists Management

It’s your dream, no one else’s. No one knows your strengths and weaknesses better than yourself. You know what you’re capable of, so just go for it! Use someone’s discouragement as encouragement!

Peter Hartung The Golden Rules

4. “The body is a gift, take care of it.” - Peter Hartung, President of L3 Entertainment and artist manager

Hard work is important but so is taking care of yourself. Don’t forget to block out some me time. Take breaks, drink water, stretch and get plenty of sleep. Research tells us taking breaks can get your creative juices flowing and increase motivation.

John Ozier The Golden Rules

5. “Walk toward the barking dog.” - John Ozier, Vice President of Ole Music Publishing

New situations and experiences can be intimidating, but taking them on with confidence is key. If something has been looming over you and you feel too scared to take it on, this is your sign. Face your fear. Take that challenge head on.

michelle tigard kammerer The Golden Rules

6. “Bloom where you are planted.” - Michelle Tigard Kammerer, National Director of Promotion for Big Machine Label Group Records

It’s an age-old expression, but it sticks because it works. Make the best of every situation, taking advantage of opportunities and accepting change as it comes. If your situation in life is making you unhappy, find the silver lining and turn your disadvantages into advantages.

Dirk Hemsath The Golden Rules

7. “Stay fascinated with your business.” - Dirk Hemsath, Partner of Hard 8 Working Group Management

When you find your passion, you don’t want to lose it, but burnouts are inevitable. When this happens, find what made you love your business in the first place. Start researching new ideas and tactics. Get those creative wheels turning!


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