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10 Tools for in building an effective email strategy

10 “Tools” we use in building an effective email strategy:

  1. Test Constantly - Copy, subject lines, creative, calls to action, layout, audience, text only, and interactive

  2. Cadence of Communication & Schedule

  3. Ensure you Have the Proper Pixels set up and Tested

  4. Gauge Your Results: Open Rate, Click Through Rate, Web Traffic, Ecommerce Sales, Conversion Rates, Cart Abandonment

  5. Segment Your Audience

  6. Track Where New Signups Come From

  7. Build & Schedule Communication Automation / Drip Campaigns

  8. Think Through Email Design Layout & Ensure it is Mobile Friendly

  9. Define the Best Tactics For Your Company & Audience

  10. Remember that the more relevant the campaign, the better the results.

  11. *BONUS - stay up to date on technology changes and privacy laws i.e. Apple’s iOS15 - You can read more about this update on our recent blog titled “Should Email Marketers Be Worried About Apple’s iOS15?”


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