Welcome to your first day. We're excited to get started! You should be as well!


First, you should have had a chance to sit with the CEO, Tim Gray, as well as meet your agency mentor. Tim will help you obtain your company logins, email address, and sign all of your on boarding paperwork. HR should have already had you sign your paperwork, provided the employee handbook, and NDA. 


When you meet your Grayscale mentor, he/she will guide you through the ins and outs of the office. Additionally, they will be available to answer any questions that may arise. Your Grayscale mentor will introduce you to the team, show you where your work area is, help you get set up, logged in, and generally be your work guide. 


Of course, Tim's door is always open, but we want you to utilize your mentor so we can ensure you have the best experience possible while starting your new journey and make friends right off the bat.


Below are the things we would like to accomplish today.


  • Your new hire paperwork if not already finalized. 

  • A quick introduction to your new Grayscale teammates and their roles within the company.

  • Log into your email and ensure your signature is set up correctly. 

    • Go to Gmail to login

    • Your email address will be your first name @grayscalemarketing.com

    • Your first password will be Grayscale1

    • Set up Email Signature - Steps in "Around The Office

  • Connect with Matt to learn about the following essential tools you will be using on a daily basis.

  • Internal Facebook Group:  The Grayscale Marketing Employee Facebook group is a great way to connect with your fellow teammates that we encourage everyone to use often.  Feel free to pose general questions, interesting articles, industry happening, blogs, books, competitor creatives, etc. or whatever daily fun you wish to share.  There are no rules here. 

  • Google Drive Access: All GSM emails are hosted by Google and you will have unlimited access to all of the tools offered by G Suite.  We will be storing all files unique shared drives that will be shared with our clients for increased transparency and client collaboration.

  • Toggl: We are meticulous about how we track time and report hours to clients. Toggl is a great Time Management Tool

  • Asana: Asana is our preferred Project Management tool and is always center of all team communications.  You will be using this tool often to ensure your teammates are well informed on project details, manage workload, & ensure deadlines are always met on-time.

    • Please begin reviewing and learning the basic of our Project Management Tool by taking the 1st three courses of "Getting To Know The Basics" in Asana Academy

  • HubSpot: We use HubSpot for all of hour CRM needs.  This tool will mainly be used by Media Buying & Publicity team members

  • Toneden: Toneden is a platform used to simply the digital advertising that helps us lower advertising costs for clients and save countless hours.  This product is used by our Digital Advertising Team & Project Managers.

  • eClincher: eClincher is our social media scheduling reporting software.  This where Designers, Social Media Managers, Copywriters & Project Managers will be spending most of their days preparing & scheduling social media content for client approvals.

  • CloudHQ - Email Time Tracking. Please install this extension into your company Gmail to properly track your time spent reading and responding to emails. 

  • Conduct the first Scrub with Tim 

  • Take Day 1 Quiz


Free time: