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Day 1: Welcome


Welcome to your first day. We're excited to get started! 


  • When you arrive you should have met the Vice President Of Communication, Jason Zinser. Jason will provide you with your parking decal and building and office security key. Afterward, you will receive a tour of the office and building to help you get acquainted with the office, and your workspace. 

  • Next, you will meet with someone to help you sign all of your onboarding paperwork and get set up in the human resources and payroll center we use via

  • The leadership team will introduce you to your direct supervisor if you have not already connected with them and then the extended team.

  • Once back at your desk please meet with your direct supervisor to help you obtain your company logins, email address, phone extension and generally get you set up for your first day.

Below are the things we would like to accomplish today.


You will want to study these things. At the end of your onboarding, there will be a 100-question test to finalize your Grayscale Certification training. 


Client Audit: "Scrubs"

Client Audits are our official inspection and examination of an organization's digital brand, accounts, and footprint. We use this to teach the GEM process in the beginning but it is most important when we are onboarding new clients. We use these inspections to spot errors, find strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Once we have a full understanding of where an organization is currently and where they can improve we can better define agency goals and KPIs. 

  • Learn more about scrubs by watching the 10-part video training series. Visit the link below and scroll to the middle of the page and begin watching the video tutorials. 

Take Day 1 Survey:

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