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It's only the beginning of your Grayscale journey but you will see soon how quickly the days fly by. We wanted to take a moment to ensure we are clear about our expectations as you begin your third day on the job. 

Our team is our family and we have high expectations of each other here at Grayscale. We support one another and strive for greatness. The below points are meant to be a guide for your journey and to help you be successful here at the agency. 

1) Early is on time, on time is late.

At GEM we provide our team a combined average of 9+ weeks of PTO, Flex, Holiday, and Casual Time off per year. We ask in exchange that our team members show up on time and prepared to work at 9am. 

2) Effort & Attitude are rewarded most here.

Skills can be developed but having a winning attitude and working hard can not.

3) "Put your name on it"

If you put your name on a piece of work, you own it. Make sure it's your absolute best and you are proud of it. This goes for everything you do here. Do it to the best of your ability. 

4) Bloom where you are planted.

Meaning when you master your current role to the point that you can perform it and teach it perfectly, then we will help you move to the next role, promotion, or raise. Don't be too worried about the next steps until you master where you currently are. Strive to outgrow your current pot. 

5) Ask questions.

Ask LOTS of questions. We want to you to learn and grow and that requires mistakes, training, and repetition. Part of learning anything is participation and communication. If you are not asking questions daily then you are not learning. You should be asking at least 3 questions a day on average. 

6) Be kind. Show Up. Give a shit.

This is the secret to success in life and at Grayscale.

7) No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care. 

8) Take the time to get to know your new co-workers.

What they are interested in, hobbies, how long they have been working at Grayscale, how they started, and what they are working toward. We try really hard to make it a fun environment that is like a family.

9) Become excited about networking.

Find organizations you are passionate about and join. It is strongly suggested that all staff make the best of time away from the office. Networking, relationship building, learning, and experiencing new things is vital. "It's not who you know, it's who knows you."

10) Integrity is an absolute must-have. If we question that, then all is lost. 

11) Always have a notebook and pen with you.

In meetings, training sessions, and sit-downs. 

12) Self-education and striving for greatness.

These are two of the absolute best ways to get ahead in life and at Grayscale. 

13) Keep your work area clean and organized. 

14) Read & Listen.

Leaders are Readers & Listeners are Learners. Grow your knowledge, understanding, vocabulary, skill set, and more. You can find a list of suggestions HERE: Keep up with your reading list and complete one a month to earn a reward!

15) Have fun, be passionate, and do your best.

This is not a company for the faint of heart. In this company, we expect the best from ourselves and each other. 

16) Knowledge is power. 

Follow important and pertinent social media outlets, blogs, newsletters, e-blast, newsletters, and channels.

17) Constantly get better.

Learn a new skill, join a new group, read a new book, gain a new certification, attend a conference, take online classes.

18) Emotional intelligence is vital.

Know yourself and be open to how we do things here. We share, we talk, we are courageous, we're brave, and mental and financial health is very important to us. We expect everyone to participate in exercises and discussions. EQ > IQ

19) Set specific written goals. Chase them.

20) Be proud to work here!

We all strive to create the best workplace and environment we can imagine. If you want to work in the type of company you have always dreamed of, then help us create it via your daily actions, attitude, and clear and kind communication. If you have ideas on ways we can make the company better it is your responsibility to speak up and help us make Grayscale better. 

21) Listen.

Actually, listen. You can not learn anything new by telling people what you already know. 

22) Ask others how you can help them. 

Not only is it kind, people sincerely appreciate it and need it from time to time. Check in with your teammates, ask them about their day, their goals, their life, and offer support. You will be glad you did when they offer their support to you. 

23) To be unclear is to be unkind.

Being clear does not mean being confrontational or rude. We encourage open communication, disagreement, different perspectives, and strive to create a safe space for everyone to express themselves. If you disagree then speak up...kindly. Best ideas win and having multiple forms of input is very important in ideation and strategy. We all have different experiences and backgrounds that is what makes us awesome. 

24) Honesty & Communication

Honesty & Communication are considered imperative ingredients in our business operations and an integral part of each employee's performance standards and 45 day reviews. 

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