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Hello and welcome,


It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the Grayscale Marketing team, and our family of companies! I'm very excited to have you on board with us! We all think you will be a perfect addition to our team. 

I wanted to take a moment and write a letter so each of you understand the culture we strive for here at Grayscale, my expectations of all of you, and why it's so important to me. 

We are trying to create something very special here and you get to part of that. We're building the type of agency where people want to come to work, and are proud and grateful that they get to. A place where they can't wait to tell their friends and family the creative projects they're working on and the fun things we do as a team. A place filled with learning, sharing, passion, laughter, respect, and drive. A place were our staff loves and respects each other, where they are friends and hangout together, learn together, grow together, work hard together, and accomplish goals together. A place that communicates clearly, has transparency, holds each other accountable, and is supportive in addition to maintaining a very high capacity and standard of work.

We're building a place where we sincerely value the relationships we have with our clients and strive to be as impactful for them as we possibly can. A place where if we put our names on something that we own it. That if we do a job, we do it to the absolute best of our ability. A place where people are encouraged and rewarded for speaking up and contributing ideas. 


I'm a firm believer that if each of us do our part, supports each other, communicates clearly, has fun, and strives for greatness doing something we're passionate about then we can accomplish our goal in creating the most impactful agency on the planet. The ways we do that are intentional and include our hiring process, training, communication, and the ways we interface with each other and our clients are all focused on our values and habits to help us accomplish our mission.

That poses the question, what does "the most impactful agency on the planet" mean?




​ 1. the action of one object coming forcibly into contact with another.



  1. come into forcible contact with another object.

  2. have a strong effect on someone or something.



Simply, what it means to me is that we leave every client, teammate, and person we encounter better than we found them. That we live and work by the Platinum Rule. We've all heard of the Golden Rule, "Do unto others as you would have them do to you." In other words, treat other people, in business and in life, the way you yourself would want to be treated. I feel that if we are intentional and strive to be better versions of ourselves everyday then we can always push toward the Platinum Rule, Do unto others as they would want done to them. 


The culture of our company is something I value greatly and protect. It includes all the aspects I mentioned above and more practical details below. 


At Grayscale we believe that the culture of the company is the most important aspect in helping us and our clients be successful. I’ve spent countless hours developing the basics of who we are at our core as a company, how we treat each other and our clients, as well as the type of team mates we search for here at Grayscale. Each teammate hired, to us, is not just a skill set needed to add to the team, but a person with values who works hard, is emotionally intelligent, kind and truly a good fit. 


Below are a few of our company habits, behaviors, and values that help us to be impactful. Each team member is expected to know and understand these habits and values. We speak in detail about them often, reference them daily, and use them to ensure our actions match our mission. 

Company Habits

  • Create Fearlessly 

  • Live Authentically

  • Trust Your Voice

  • Continuous Learning

  • Be Courageous

  • Keep Promises

  • High Five

  • Embrace Discovery

  • Question Everything

  • Change Expectations

  • Maintain & Protect Standards​​

Team Key Words: Innovate, Thorough, Idealistic, Resolute, Adept, Enterprising, Evolving, Communication

Company Behaviors

  • With Positive Attitudes

  • With Integrity

  • With Focused Activity

  • With Honesty 

Company Values


  • Fairness, Respect and Honestly

  • Platinum Rule: We treat others better than the way they want to be treated

  • The right thing to do is, "never-not", the right thing to do

  • To be unclear is to be unkind.



We are incredibly grateful to have you join the team and very much look forward to working with you. 


Warm Regards,


Company History

The year was 2015, and our founder Tim Gray was feeling the marketing burnout. The frustration didn’t stem from the avalanche of work or any lost love for marketing.  


Instead, his frustration sprang from seeing his clients overspend for marketing services and not getting the type of results he thought possible.  


He had been hiring different social media and digital marketing companies around Nashville to help the clients at his artist management firm, Grayscale Entertainment.


Agency after agency. Month after month. His clients were receiving a lot of “digital management,” yet very little marketing was actually happening, and they were suffering for it. He knew it could be better.  


After countless hours of research, taking phone calls and reading one fluffed-up case study after another, he was led to a disappointing conclusion: Each agency spent their time and his client's money, talking at online fans and followers, not with them. How could this convert anyone to care about any brand?  


Undeterred, he decided he would simply build a better way. Grayscale Marketing was born!  


The plan was to stay focused on the social aspect of marketing and simply apply human nature to the mix. This, along with powerful data, a gift for communication and great content could make a difference.  


The idea was simple:

  • Provide double the results that matter

  • Drive real customer/fan engagement

  • Show provable results consistently

  • Treat each client's business as his own


Essentially, he would build a team that would go the extra mile and provide the ROI he was seeking for his own clients. Then, he would offer it to the wider market.  

Over the last seven years, the company worked with corporate brands, artists, and organizations including The UFC, Metallica, Caterpillar, Minor League Baseball, Live Nation, Jim Beam, Garth Brooks, Virgin Hotels, Echelon, Empire Records, Clif Bar, Kane Brown, Humana, Warner Chappell Production Music, Rolls Royce, Curb Records, Bon Jovi, Anheuser Busch, Cessna, Colbie Caillat, Michaels Art Store, Florida Georgia LIne, and Ditty TV. In addition, Tim has worked with and represented hundreds of music festivals, events, and venues including Country Jam, Music City Food & Wine, Hangout Music Festival, IEBA, The Kessler Presents, Louder Than Life, Forecastle, Sixthman Events, Panorama NYC, SunFest, and Dancefestopia selling over One Million (1,250,000) tickets for our event clients.

Throughout the company's history we've been awarded the Nashville Emerging Leader Award in Arts and Entertainment, Nashville Business Journal’s Small Business of the Year, and Best in Business, Inc. Magazine’s People On The Move, Marquis’ Who's Who in America, Music Row INCHARGE, nominated for a Facebook advertising award, and Nashville Entrepreneur Center’s NEXT Award.


In addition, our founder, Tim Gray has been nominated for 40 Under 40 by the Nashville Business Journal, awarded Music Industry Organization, Society Of Leaders In Development - Member of the Year, and the Spirit Of SOLID Award, as well as Most Admired CEO, and Entrepreneur Of The Year multiple times.

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