Day 3: Project Manager


Over the last few days, you should have been getting acquainted with your teammates, company policies, Grayscale 101, as well as Around The Office, and conducted your first client scrub/audit.


You should have also filled out and turned in all of your new hire paperwork, set up your email address and email signature, phone extension, in addition to gaining access to our workflow and time tracking software. If you have not accomplished those steps please go back to step one to ensure you have not missed any. If you have questions, please ask your mentor or the CEO, Tim.


Each day you will be receiving a little more responsibility and learning more about how your role in relation to the positions you are shadowing will work. We want to be sure that you are ready to test for your Grayscale Certification soon and begin the next steps in your onboarding and training. ​​



  1. How does my role work in relation to yours, or that role? 

  2. How can I better understand this process?

  3. What is the best thing I can do in my role to help you in yours?

  4. If you had to come up with a fourth question, you and we should be asking ourselves, what would that question be and why"

Project Management

Project managers are only as good as the processes and procedures that are in place, understood, trained on, implemented, tracked, and refined. However, That building strong organizational and workflow habits early on at Grayscale is important. These best practices, we have found, when implemented in your first 90 days of training daily significantly improve your readiness to contribute and gain involvement in more meaningful ways. 

Read The Position Description for Project Managers HERE


Daily Routine

(this may shift as you ease into the rhythm of your day)


The following is a generalized daily checklist/to-do list to help you get into the flow of your day here.

  • We expect everyone to be prepared to begin their day at 9 am. "Early is On Time" This is not to micromanage, it is to help you ease into your new role and set yourself, your day, your team, and clients up for success. 

  • Once settled in, open Toggl, and begin tracking your non-billable time by planning and reviewing your daily task list.

  • Check your the Facebook group, your Email, and Asana for any new team member needs or updates, client requests, or urgent matters.


  • Double-check your schedule and see if you have any calendar invitations to ensure all meetings have been added to your Asana tasks and get ready to start the day!

  • At the end of the day, make sure all essential Asana tasks are completed and future deadlines are on track to be met. If any deadlines are not on track simply ask for help or ask your supervisor to re-negotiate the deadline with the team or client if possible.

    • As you grow into your role this will become a daily habit you will want to ensure you have developed. Starting and ending your day with intention will make all the difference in our team communication and how well you adjust to your new position. 

  • Begin building your task and to-do list for tomorrow (this will save you time and stress each morning)

Essential Tools Continued

  • Master Sheet: Each client has what we refer to as the master sheet. This Google sheet holds all the client details, credentials, contacts, and campaign timeline. This document is much more than an excel sheet we keep things in. It is the GO-TO place for all things client. 

  • eClincher: eClincher is our social media scheduling and reporting software. This is where Designers, Digital Communication Managers & Project Managers will be spending time preparing and scheduling social media content for client approvals.

  • Asana: Asana is our preferred Project Management tool and is always the center of all team communications. You will be using this tool daily to ensure your teammates are well informed on project details, communicate needs and deliverables, and ensure deadlines are always met on time

Next: Please review and learn more about the following items.

  • Begin taking the eClincher Certification courses (1 - 4) at your own pace. 

    • HERE

    • These need to be completed before the 9th day of your training. 

    • Review this internal eClincher training document HERE 

  • Learn about our current clients - visit their websites and social pages. Ask your supervisor who a few of the current clients are to learn about. 

  • Grayscale Office Hours are 9am - 6pm​​

  • Review your first Client Audit "Scrub" with your supervisor.