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Recording Work Time

Time Tracking

The following bullet points and categories are the services GEM offers. These services, and only these services, should be used in proposals, invoices, tasks, and time tracking. 


The categories are broken out by department, the largest headers on each page (Communication, Design, Project Management, Digital Communication, and Internal GEM Work). The Tasks are marked in italic bold subheaders under each department header. The descriptions of the task are bullet-pointed. You choose your client, if you are working on an external task, your department, task, and type in your description for each time entry you track. 


The Departments are color-coordinated Pink

The Tasks are color-coordinated Blue

The Descriptions are color-coordinated Green

| Communication_________________(Department) 

Client Touchpoints___________________(Task)

  • Client Calls & Text

  • Email

  • Weekly Agenda 

  • Weekly Video Call______________________(Description)



1. Login into / Toggl Track (Our chosen time-tracking software) 

2. Look to the upper right for the gray file icon

Step 1 Toggl.png

3. Type the Client Name in the search bar that pops up. 



















4. Find your Department 

  • Design, Communication, Digital Marketing, Advertising & Media, or Internal

5. Hover over your Department and find the "Task" drop-down menu to select what category of work you will be 


6. Reference the "Services"  Time Tracking Sheet in the GEM Internal Team Drive and choose your Task Description. The Tasks Descriptions are the bullet pointed words describing the task you are working on, under your department, of the client. 

7. Next type in the description you have chosen to describe the task. 

8. Next click the PLAY button to start recording your time entry. 

9. The final step is when you have completed working on the client's project task click the STOP button. 


Step 3 Toggl.png
Step 4 Toggl.png
Toggl step 5.png
Screen Shot 2022-11-11 at 6.39.15 AM.png
Toggle step 6.png
Toggl step 7.png
Toggle step 9.png
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