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The objective of the campaign was to launch the new liquor brand. We needed to drive brand awareness and increase sales.

The solutions included event activations as well as designing a new website. In addition, we helped design the brand strategy, brand standards and ran 6-month digital marketing and advertising, SEO, SEM and social media campaign. We needed to conduct a new photoshoot as well as create content and strategic alliances. Finally, we needed to develop a sales and press strategy that would provide additional reach and impact.


  • SEO – #1 Top Google ranking

  • Increased website visits 42,650%

  • 70.9% of those web visits from new users

  • Increased website sessions 60,100%

  • Website sessions averaged 2.32 minutes

  • Total social media followers increased 870.1%

  • Messages sent increased 11,531.6%

  • Messages received increased 1,671.4%

  • Total social media impressions increased 328.6%

  • Total engagement increased 778.8%

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