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We were to give the festival a complete rebranding. This included a new website, new social media engagement strategy across all platforms, video and image content creation, implementing a digital communication strategy, setting up and organize a YouTube channel, implementing live show consumer data capture, creating a print, radio, TV and digital advertising budget, contesting, SEO, SEM, implementing link retargeting, digital data capture, creating and scheduling both email and text marketing, designing TV, billboard and radio advertising as well as aligning strategic alliances and brand partners.

The challenge of this project was the client was a second-year music festival hosting the event in a brand new location. The festival increased the amount of shows from one 3-day weekend to seven individual days over the course of five months.




Over 8 months, we had the following impacts for the festival:

  • ​Top Google ranking  - #1 placement (SEO)

  • Increased website visits 580,766.7%

  • Increased website user sessions 736,706.7%

  • Drove 71,609 ticket sales

  • Created $4,932,000 in economic impact

  • Provided $44,200 in brand partnership revenue

  • Provided over $20,000 in donated alcohol sales

  • Increased ticket sales 922.99% over the previous year

  • Increased total Facebook fans 39,624.1%

  • Increased total Twitter followers 92,100.0%

  • Increased total Instagram followers 80,358.7%

  • Increased total social media engagement 9,583.5%

  • Increased total social media messages sent 43,822.2%

  • Increased total social media messages received 45,004.3%

  • Increased total online impressions 11,068.7%

  • Drove 8,149,592 total social media impressions

  • Designed new website and mobile website

  • Implemented retarget marketing

  • Captured over 11,000 phone numbers

  • Captured over 40,000 email addresses

  • Increased email marketing open rate 5,424%​

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