Strategic Partnerships

Sponsorships offer the possibility of achieving several goals at once. Broaden your brand's competitive advantage by increasing your credibility, image and prestige while also driving impressions, product touchpoints and data collection nationwide or in your target market. Sponsorship marketing is the fastest growing form of marketing in the U.S.


Consumers are savvy about traditional advertising and increasingly tuning out. We help you connect with audiences through experiences. They have fun and create an affinity with your products.

Influencer Campaigns

Times change and marketers need to change with them. As digital and mobile become ever more pervasive in our lives, it's important to tap into that and meet the demands of today’s connected consumer. People today are connected 24x7. Allow us to connect your brand to the personalities that influence today's consumers.

Tour Sponsors

We connect brands directly to fans and offer value just beyond sales, creating opportunities for brands to reach new audiences, product touch points, drive sips to lips and reach the consumer where they are.

Product Placement

Engaging with younger audiences can be tricky, but there is no better platform than music videos. The key to brands getting into music videos is longevity. If you advertise on television, it’s time sensitive. However, if a brand places a product within a music video, it will still be seen two years from now and in big numbers. Plus, digital videos can track real-time data, impressions, clicks and offer retargeting and data collection.

Brand Activations

Activation, from the verb "activate", means to spark something, to set it in motion or stimulate activity. That is what we do. Experiential, sampling, in-store, data collecting, contesting...we do it all well. We understand that today, time spent is as much a value as the experience itself. We help create custom experiences from the simple to the extreme, make an impact and stand out in a crowded market.

Branded Content

We develop and produce digital content that tells a story and inspires your audience to engage. Want to partner with an artist to help share your story? We can help you navigate the complex music landscape and work to secure the right partner as well as the rights and clearances for your campaigns.





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