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The objectives of the marketing campaign were to drive an increase in ticket and bar sales for the venue over a 6-month slow season period.

The solution was to give the venue a complete rebranding. This included a new website, new social media engagement strategy across all platforms, video and image content creation, implementing a digital communication strategy, setting up and organizing a YouTube channel, implementing live show consumer data capture, creating a digital advertising budget, contesting, SEO, SEM, implementing link retargeting, digital data capture, creating and scheduling both email and text marketing and aligning strategic alliances.



Over six months, we had the following impact for the venue:

  • Increased website visits 44,361%

  • Top Google ranking  - #1 placement (SEO)

  • Increased data captured by 547%

  • Increased ticket sales by 25.49%

  • Increased bar sales to an average $14.85 per head  

    • An Increase of $2.14​ per-person 

  • Drove over 16 million impressions online

  • Increased total social media followers 36.5%

  • Increased total social media engagement 44.4%

  • Designed new website and mobile website

  • Increased first time website visits 66.85

  • Increased mobile website visits 64.19%

  • Increased email marketing open rate 55%

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