Facebook Blueprint


Here at Grayscale we want all of our staff, regardless of position, to be well educated on the platforms we use daily. Facebook, has created powerful marketing tools for businesses of every size and they provide classes how to master them. We want you to do just that, master them. 

Please plan to finalize all of the training modules by the end of your first 90 days at Grayscale. Please take the following courses in the listed order below. 


1) Get started with Facebook 

2) Learn about Instagram (You will need to scroll down to find it) 

3) Learn about Messenger (You will need to scroll down to find it) 

4) Get creative inspiration (You will need to scroll down to find it)

5) Target the right audience

6) Build awareness

7) Drive consideration

8) Get started with advertising

9) Learn advanced buying options

10) Increase online sales

11) Choose ad formats

12) Manage ads

13) Measure ad performance

14) Distribute and monetize content

15) Promote my app

16) Increase in-store sales

17) Generate leads