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This established artist wanted to make a comeback after his 3 years of retirement and let as many people know about it as possible. With the plan of releasing new music, the artist wanted to grow his digital and social media presence while still retaining his former fanbase. After making major life transitions, he wanted to portray a new version of his old self to his old and new fans.


The solutions included creating awareness of his return by growing his social media/digital presence, creating custom high-quality content around new music releases, and increasing fan to artist engagement.


The objectives of the campaign included:

  • Create awareness around his return from retirement and new music releases.

  • Establish a growing/thriving digital presence.

  • Obtain new fans through intentional social media growth.

  • Create high-quality content around new music releases and career.

In the first 3 months:

Facebook Audience Increased:              1,732%

Total Facebook Page Likes Increased:   1,859%

Twitter Follower Growth:                         60%

Instagram Follower Growth:                    74%

Total Engagement Increased:                 77,806%

Total Twitter Impressions Earned:           426.2 K

Total YouTube Views Increased:             26%

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