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The challenge of the campaign was to help increase the band's awareness, gain new fans, engage past fans, increase ticket sales, help design the live show & new merch, select songs and push the band in a new direction.


The solutions were to build the band a new website, launch a 6-month digital marketing campaign, create custom content, teach the band about booking and touring, redesign and educate the band on live performances. We also worked to design merch, merch stands, stage scrims, set lists and reconfigure the overall vibe of the band.


  • Total new digital fans increased 491.8%

  • Total new outbound messages increased 255.4%

  • Total new messages received up increased 764%

  • Total impressions increased 364.6%

  • Total engagement increased 1,076%

  • Email list contacts increased 2037%

  • Email open rate increased 667.2%

  • Text marketing list increased 837.4%

  • Tour dates book increased 213% (Including major festival plays)

  • Merchandise sales increased 445.7%

  • Pandora and Spotify playlisting

  • Total monthly streaming increased 3,721%

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