About You:

Our Senior Copywriters are great writers who do more than just writing. As one, you’ll wear a few different hats, such as:

Hat 1: Writer - You. Must. Love. Words (and have the ability to string them together). You can tell a good story that'll make people stop, listen, and then probably go buy something

Hat 2: Thinker - You know the internet of things, you’re curious about culture, you understand generations X, Y, and Z and you keep these insights in your arsenal for incoming briefs. You consume content and know the ingredients to relevant, thumb-stopping creative work.

Hat 3: Creator - You are a maker. Your main focus is craft and creation, both at a high speed and volume.

Hat 4: Collaborator - You enjoy collaborating with a (super cool, super fun, super energetic, super diverse) team. You are a leader of yourself and others.

Hat 5: Chameleon - You naturally change color, tonality, and style effortlessly and have the innate ability to become the ventriloquist for brands blurring the lines from where those artists or brands start and you begin.  

Hat 6: Teacher - You have a teach a person to fish mentality, experience developing leaders, and educating the importance of teamwork and execution. 

About Us:
Grayscale Marketing is an award-winning fully integrated marketing firm located in Nashville, TN. We are one of the fastest-growing marketing agencies in music city. We pride ourselves on our innovation, IMPACT, and our family-like culture. We are seeking senior-level professionals who have big ideas, excellent relationships, meticulous attention to detail and follow-through, and are good people. 

We represent a multitude of clients from diverse industries and love it. Our clients include non-profits, corporations, food & beverage brands, small businesses, events, conferences, textile companies, artists, bands, and some of today's largest music festivals and music venues.

About the Position:
The Sr. Copywriter understands our clients inside and out so that you can bring their brand to life with a voice. They work alongside the creative, media buying, advertising, and social marketing teams daily on strategy and real-time feedback of what is creating engagement, traffic, ROI, and brand awareness. 

What You’ll Do:

  • Think big, then writing lots

  • Help define and develop brand voice across platforms and adhere to brand standard

  • Transforming thoughts and half-ideas into fun, innovative, and creative executions with Art Directors and Account Leads

  • Work hand and hand with the creative and reporting department to develop truly outstanding work.

  • Collaborate with creative, client services, strategy, and media departments to develop a high variety of content that meets creative and strategic criteria (client briefs, feedback, client KPIs).

  • Strong skill set in conceptualizing, brainstorming, and collaborating to create the strongest ideas.

  • Write and create impactful social and traditional media content that reflects the brand’s voice and adheres to the brand’s style guidelines.

  • Simultaneously manage multiple projects with short deadlines.

  • Gather learnings and insights from platforms, consumer feedback, and culture to make concise, relevant recommendations.

  • Present copy concepts rooted in strategic thinking to creative leaders

  • Collaborate with Content & Video Strategist, Art and Creative Directors to successfully plan pre-production through post-production, including organizing the shoot, directing content, scripts, etc.

  • Be as much of a friendly mentor as a proficient doer when working within our dynamic brand team structure.

  • Oversee, help hire, develop, train, and mentor a team of copywriters

  • You will write short & clever copy for social content, a script for a video, blogs, and work with the Publicity team for larger earned media opportunities.

  • Curate, write, edit and monitor alongside the social media marketing team all daily posts for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., finding unique story angles and crafting brilliant, engaging headlines and copy for your specific accounts.

  • You will be helping clients craft their brand voice for the very first time as well as working with established corporate brands that fall under your purview. 

What you'll write:

  • Ad copy and organic content for various social and digital platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and Google Search.

  • Crafting a brand voice and guidelines for newly emerging brands.

  • Foundational materials and creative articulations for brands (like their positioning statement or brand manifesto).

  • Scripts for video or audio executions.

  • Big campaign concepts for brands looking to make some noise.

  • Long-form pieces like email newsletters or blog posts.

  • Language for e-commerce websites and marketplaces to make people want to spend money on cool stuff.


The Ideal Candidate Has:

  • 7+ years of experience copywriting, developing, and creating for digital & social.

  • A portfolio reflecting strong conceptualizing and writing

  • A talent for wearing multiple brand hats and switching easily among brand voices

  • Mastered time management skills

  • A passion for storytelling, a mastery of grammar and the English language, and the ability to tailor your writing to tell that story on a variety of platforms

  • Thrives in a company of collaborative people, but can clearly demonstrate an ability to get things done without direct supervision

  • Solves problems

  • Is unromantic about the creative process—they believe good ideas can come from anywhere and can give & take constructive criticism

  • A track record of driving brand awareness, audience growth, reach, and engagement using organic and paid social media

  • An aptitude for time management, organization, and communication

  • Strong conceptual/brainstorming skills

  • Strategic thinking skills and a passion for ideating strategically focused campaigns

  • A goal-driven and data-informed work style, with strong analytical skills and the ability to translate insights into actions

  • The ability to effectively collaborate with various teams, providing the most useful guidance in an enthusiastic and inspiring manner

  • A sparkling personality that will mesh well with the existing Grayscale family and a smile on their face a majority of the time

  • Is unphased by fast turnarounds and can manage tight timelines without sacrificing quality

  • Write fast, but with finesse

  • Understand pop culture, trends, and what's happening in the world to make concise and relevant creative recommendations.

  • Experience working with designers, management, and analytics team focused creative process

  • Ability to proofread and self-edit copy to produce error-free content that adheres to brand’s style guidelines, especially for regulated industries such as Finance, Healthcare, etc

  • Isn't afraid to bring their passions, background, and personal experience to their work

  • Strong skill set in conceptualizing, brainstorming, writing, and collaboration to create strategically focused campaigns.

  • The ability to understand, absorb, and execute on constructive criticism.

  • A strong aptitude for time management, organization, and communication.

  • Strong skill set for storytelling, a mastery of grammar, slang, and the ability to tailor your writing to tell that story on a variety of platforms for multiple brands.

  • The ability to effectively collaborate with various teams, providing the most useful guidance in an enthusiastic and inspiring manner.

  • Write highly engaging, emotional, and impactful content that reflects a brand's voice

  • A strong capability of industry best practices and the platforms we love, as well as being willing to learn and articulate the unique Grayscale POV on each

  • Thrive in a company of good people.

  • Must have a life outside of work.

  • Highly creative, weird-thinking, and witty.

  • Already writing a better job description than this one

  • Did we mention, writing?

Soft Skills:

  • Empathy

  • Leadership

  • Drive

  • Clear communication

  • Strategic mindset

  • Vision

  • See opportunity and execute on capturing it

  • Problem-solving

  • Relationship building and maintenance


Work Environment:

  • Nashville Agency Office - fast-paced, high volume of activity and a deadline-driven environment based around brands and entertainment!


Compensation + Benefits:

  • Salaried position with pay depending upon experience

  • Health coverage

  • Life insurance policy

  • Short-term & long-term disability insurance

  • Vision

  • Dental

  • Personal Time Off: Year one: 15 PTO Days​

  • Paid holidays (17) ​

  • Retirement

  • Mental Health Care 100% covered​

  • And more...


Job Type: Full-time

Date Posted: 02/24/2021

Valid Through: 04/15/2021


Pay: Dependent upon your experience. 


Job Location:

1530 Riverside Dr, 

Nashville, TN 37206


If you are interested in applying for this position please send a copy of your resume and a cover letter explaining why you think you would be the best fit for the company to