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Tim Gray Interviewed on Business Innovators Radio Podcast

Updated: Oct 1, 2018

In this episode, host Neil Howe talks to CEO of Grayscale Marketing, Tim Gray about building an audience and influence in the entertainment industry.

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Tim Gray is the host for The Golden Rules, a podcast and web series focusing on the lives and businesses of today’s music industry executives. To date, Tim has interviewed over 200 collective years of music industry executives that have sold over 1 billion albums, promoted thousands of concerts and festivals and negotiated the largest deals in music industry history. Grayscale Marketing is a full-service entertainment agency focused on digital marketing & advertising, content creation and strategic partnerships. Tim's entrepreneurial career spans 15 years with experience in creative branding, event ticketing, concert promotion, booking, management, video production & photography and sponsorships. Listen in as Tim shares some of the services he is able to offer his clients to take them to the next level and build a fanbase and influence using his creative digital agency.


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